The Way of the Inner Warrior is a personal training for individuals who are willing and able to begin living a life dedicated to the evolution of their spirit.

The initial premise of the Inner Warrior is based upon the fact that Energy is constantly moving, creating, and attaching to the outward manifestations of life.


Either energy is directing you (Life Happens; Victim; Re-Action; Chaos), or you are directing energy (Shielding, Containing & Storing energy; Taking Action; Creating Life).  

The Inner Warrior learns to track how the inner energies are moving and creating, then begins containing the once outwardly moving energies, and directing them with focus and intent into new and


expansive ways, thereby promoting conscious growth and awareness.

Both private and group training is available (The Training). In addition, we will travel to your community (Hire Us). we have specific 1, 2, or 3 day programs tailored to enhanced the curriculum of Healing Arts Schools (Hire Us). For more information, or for upcoming workshops, contact Kia or Bucky.

Contact Us: or (530) 470-8405
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